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Pathway Program

H.I.S. MISSION Pathway Program is designed as a hand up to guide people to their feet, one step at a time.

Phase 1


 has developed a  4 phase process to help end homelessness 

Step 1 Essentials

H.I.S. MISSION provides transportation for an individual to community resource partners such as medical attention, food stamps, state medical insurance, shopping etc... just basic needs

Step 2 Operation Un Invisible

Internet help and Transportation is offered to obtain State id’s, driver’s license, birth certificates and social security cards. The cost is covered by donations where applicable.

Step 3 Project Job Prep

Haircuts, interview skills exercises and resumes are provided by caring individuals donating their time. Also, when needed, other soft skills training is provided by community partners.

Step 4 Job Search Assistance

Connecting with local temp agencies, factories, and restaurants, H.I.S. MISSION guides individuals to employment.

Step 5 The Clothesline

H.I.S. clothing closet provides Clothing for interviews and everyday use to the guest and residents. Clothing is donated by the community.

Step 6 The Will 2 Work Enterprise

H.I.S. provides transportation to sign up for Ride to Independence which is a community partner program. Also, Goodwill helps with purchasing a vehicle after 3 months of employment for qualifying individuals. When all else fails HIS bus is used to transport to Work and interviews.

Step 7 Budget Classes

Simple budgets, checking account balance classes, and other financial classes are taught weekly.

Phase 2 

After employment is obtained, an individual can then enter the Transitional portion of our program

Step 8 H.I.S. HOUSE

This is a program which cost a 25% of gross income or $100. a week for a transitional program fee. At this stage each person is rewarded for the hard work by “Day of Rest Initiative” and “40plus” which allows for down time during non-sleeping hours. (naps)

Step 9 Deposit Helps Resource

It is funded by the transitional program fee which helps with gas, electric and water deposits as funding is available for individuals who have entered H.I.S MISSION transitional housing program only.

Step 10 Housing Search Assistance

Individuals are provided with transportation to inspect potential housing in the communities after an application has been approved.

Step 11 Home Again Furniture

Which is available as items are donated to individuals obtaining housing.

Step12 Promote Education Initiative

Individuals are helped in the process of furthering their education or GED’s through Partnering agencies. Education is enormously encouraged because in some cases financial problems is the cause of homelessness.

Phase 3 

has not been launched YET! 

Phase 3 is corporation owed houses, apartment builds and group homes for residence to live in as they continue on the pathway out of homelessness. Staying in a controlled environment while building a strong foundation for 2 years .

Phase 4 

has not been launched YET!

phase 4 is after 2 years residence will be back into community as viable members or decide to stay and become on site volunteers being a part of the community that it take to raise someone out of homelessness.