Sonny's Testimony

God is on the move

Success Story - back on their feet

This success story involves a man and his family who was invited to this community by other family members. He had a job but it wasn't full time.  His family that had invited him to Kentucky told he to leave, that they were no longer welcome. This was before Christmas. He either had to pay for a hotel room or get gifts for there child.  So the day after Christmas the family was invited to stay at H.I.S. shelter "ALL WAYS INN".  The wife got a factory job within 7 days and it took almost 5 weeks for them to save enough money to get back on there feet. While they stayed they earned H.I.S. bucks from volunteer work around the shelter or betterment classes and events  which can be used to purchase household items that was donated.   They earned dishes,  beds, couch, table and chairs, etc.  to furnish there apartment and start their new life.   They are still working, paying taxes, contributing to the community and not being a burden to society and taxing the system.  

Success Story restored hope

A young lady came to us after RITI ended . She had just started back to work after losing her job, home and kids through a series of bad choices and a bad boyfriend who hurt her child while she was at work.  She was starting over again needed a place to lay her head at night while she jumped through the court systems hoops.  She  got it together and saved enough money in about 4 weeks to get a place for her and one day her children.  

Success Story - real fighter

This young lady kept coming to our door until we had a female bed open for her.